Concert Association of Valparaiso
History, Continued

The campaign week for the Second Season (1945-1946) of the VCCA was from October 29--November 2, inclusive.  A total of 743 memberships were sold, 400 adult and 343 student. Again, as was the case in the initial year, the concerts were not secured until after the campaign, although three concerts were guaranteed.

Three concerts were scheduled, at a cost of $2,500. The price per membership continued to be $6 and $3.

On view in 1945 were:

Alexander Kipnis, bass baritone, from the Metropolitan Opera

Gen'l. Platoff, the Don Cossack Russian Chorus and Dancers

Mildred Dilling, Harpist.


Interesting facts concerning the history of the CAV:

Although the Charter Board formed in 1944 and raised the funds to pay for the concerts, in 1953 the Valparaiso University Lyceum Student Society joined in both choosing the concerts and offsetting the needed monies. The first year, in 1953, they gave $2,125, followed by $1,250, $2,825, and $3,125. This additional funding ended in 1958.

    The membership fee of $6.00 for an adult membership and $3.00 for a student was not increased until the 1960 season when it became $8 and $4, respectively. After that, the following membership fees were instituted:


$10 (adult)

$4 (student)























$35 ($32 early sub.)

$16 ($14 early sub.)

2002 $40 ($35 early sub.) $15
$45 ($40 early sub.)
$50 ($40 early sub.)

...Are these early prices a bargain, or what?

  1. The first concerts were held in the VU auditorium, with several held in the VU old gymnasium. When the VU chapel was built in 1958, the concerts were moved there. Unfortunately the acoustics were not ideal for smaller concert performers, although they were adequate for larger groups. Lighting was also a problem.
  2. A Concert 9' Grand Piano was purchased for the University, partly from $2,000 donated by the VCCA organization, after a fire in 1956 destroyed the grand piano.
  3. Reciprocity was allowed for LaPorte and Hammond CC Associations in 1953. There was concern about seating capacity at the VU auditorium (1,003), and the gymnasium.
  4. The Board voted to have a maximum of 24 members, excluding the past presidents. A minimum of 16 was established in the By-Laws. Later the Board increased the membership to 36.
  5. During the 50's as many as 112 workers were involved in Campaign week. The object was to sell 10 memberships each, in five days.
  6. A Federal Tax was paid until 1952, when a non-profit law allowed a non-profit group to avoid taxation. Until that date $1.00 per adult ticket and $.50 per student membership were paid each year. Considering an 800-membership average, that would amount to approximately $700.... $600 adult and $100 student.
  7. In 1976 a corporation was formed to avoid other federal rules and regulations.
  8. In 1991 an agreement was made with the VHS administration, regarding no auditorium fee, and no Stage Director Fee. The VCCA would pay for the janitorial service and the load helpers, as required.
  9. A 9" Grand Piano was purchased by the VCCA organization and donated to the VHS for both the VCCA and VHS utilization. The Anderson family had donated the money to purchase this instrument.  In 1994 this piano was refurbished for $6,550, the fee split between the VHS and VCCA organizations.
  10. VHS charged a fee ($150) for the auditorium for each concert. On 9/5/91 Dorothy Graden (then VCCA President) had a written agreement with Mr. Benway to waive the auditorium fee along with the Lighting Director fee. In 1995 Barb Taylor (President in 1995) met with Dr. Benway to reaffirm this same agreement.  However, straining school budgets forced a return to rental rates, and we began paying as much as $300 for the auditorium.  Currently (2014), we are paying over $400 to reserve a venue for a single performance.
  11. The dissolution of the Community Concerts Association, the nationwide organization, forced us to abandon our long-time name and become the Concert Association of Valparaiso, retaining our traditional reciprocity agreements and our charitable standing as NFP 501c(3).
  12. Complaints about heating and airconditioning, as well as reduced availability, prompted CAV to search for a more suitable venue, and we are currently (2014) using the smaller but much more available auditorium at IVY Tech on the east side of Valparaiso along SR ByPass 49.  

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