2017 - 2018

75th year for the 

Concert Association of Valparaiso

...continuing the tradition and standards 
of Valparaiso Community Concerts ...

Our Mission
-- providing our community with quality entertainment at affordable prices...

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-- by popular demand --

Apr. 20 -- the phenomenal Jon Weber
7:00 pm
at 1st United Methodist Church and the Bosendorfer
(the only piano we could find to fit Jon Weber)
103 Franklin Street, Valparaiso

...his fingers never leave his hands
(but his hands might leave his arms...)
our season will end with a bang-up night --
Apr. 20 -- the phenomenal Jon Weber,
we've had him before and the audience wouldn't let him quit...

Seats are first come, first served -- come early.
by subscription or at the door Adults $15; Students $10; 12 & under free
call:  (219) 462-5305 or visit valpoconcerts.com
on Facebook:  Concert Association of Valparaiso

Reciprocity -- next concerts:
Thursday, Apr. 19th, 7 pm: La Porte -- Grand Magic Show, Duane Laflin, magician
--and then there's Jon Weber (see Valpo's schedule above)--
Saturday, May 5th, 7 pm* ESTime: Warsaw -- Prime Time Trio, piano, bass, & drums
Thursday, May 10th, 7 pm: Munster -- O Sole Trio, soprano, baritone, piano/violin

Thinking about Season 2018-2019
We have an exciting season coming up
if we can get the money to book them.
No dates have been firmly set, but we
expect to offer five concerts for our 76th season.

In no particular order:

Minneapolis Guitar Quartet
Windiana Ensemble
Gargoyle Brass with Organ
Ball State Singers Showchoir
VU Jazz Ensemble with dancing

If we have to substitute, we will pursue:
Chicago Five Dixieland Jazz
Joshua DeVries, cello and group

If you have seen some outstanding concerts in the past and would like us to invite them back,
please leave a note at one of our concerts or post a comment on our Facebook page.

The Concert Association of Valparaiso has provided quality performances with some of the finest artists available -- and we've done that for 75 years!  That's right!  This new season marks the 75th year.  But did you even know we existed?  Years ago, we were one of the many Community Concert associations across America that brought high level performers to middle and rural America.  The Great Depression had put many out of work, entertainers included, and the Community Concert idea was born.  Without it, the community surrounding Valparaiso would never see the Indianapolis Symphony, Fred Waring, the Bolshoi Ballet, Dizzy Gillespie, and many other famous performances and soloists.  For dimes instead of dollars, not only could you subscribe to a season of four or five concerts, but you could attend any of the many other Community Concert venues spread out around us.  Today, for the price of one subscription, you can still take advantage of this wonderful benefit:  Munster, La Porte, Portage, and Warsaw are collaborators and we all share our concerts and subscriptions.  This is the Reciprocity.  However, as a Reciprocity member, you are seated five minutes before the program.  But being left out has rarely, if ever, happened.  Therefore, it is best to review all the Reciprocity and our own program of concerts to choose which subscription to purchase in order to assure seating.
To keep costs affordable, each association is managed by unpaid volunteers who have dedicated their time and effort to bring this marvelous advantage to our local community.  Your dollars are used entirely in the selection and comfort of your concert enjoyment.  If you like what you see, if you have liked what we've brought you in years past, then join us now for another great season.  And consider a gift of money to keep the ball rolling!


We have presented Winners!

So often, we take what's given us without much thought; we accept and take at face value the performers who walk across our stage, the people in the program, the names—familiar or not--of groups and individuals who could be from another universe.  We fail to recognize the hours and years of devotion that it took to refine their talents, the courage to present it all before a few hundred of unimpassioned faces in the audience.

They are Winners! --these few who grace that platform under hot, glaring lights, they are anxious in the knowledge that during these few minutes they will present what they have learned and labored to perfect, given only this one chance to be at the top of their skill.

In our past seasons we gave you Home Grown, the talented who live and work among us, and this season we give you the Winners.

  We will continue to include programs of "Home Grown" local talent, as well as invited, professional performers, in our future seasons, because we have so much around us to be proud of.  But, often, such exceptional individuals and groups escape from us to the appreciative audiences in big cities.

We hope you enjoyed this season of performances.  Please join us next year--and bring your friends!





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-a limited number of single admission tickets are available,
if seating permits:  $15 adult, $10 student,
children, 12 & under, free

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